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Conquer Trails. Claim Views


Bandit Ultra Trail, Simi Valley's premiere trail race is back!  A new look, logo and race directors, we aim to make the Bandit bigger, better and more exciting in every way.  But don't fret, we offer the same great course as the original Bandit and Rocky Peak Trail Races. 


Run through the mountains of Rocky Peak, Las Lljas and Tapo Canyon in Simi Valley!  Race starts at Corganville park, famous as a movie ranch and outdoor location shooting for movies and television productions such as Star Trek, Fort Apache, The Lone Ranger and The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin. This race has stunning mountain, city and ocean views packed with challenging climbs... an ultra runners dream!


With course distances ranging from 50K, 30K and 15K, there is a race distance for all runners!


On Thursday, July 4, Bandit Ultra Trail will be partnering with Anytime Runners for their annual run at Rocky Peak and will be a preview run of the upcoming race.

This run is free and open to everyone!


We will meet at 6:45 AM at Corriganville Park in Simi Valley and start the run at approximately 7:00 AM.


The preview route for this run is approximately 15KM (9.3 miles) with 2,269 feet of climbing and is suitable for intermediate runners who like a challenge and advanced trail runners, as well as hikers. **note- this is an out and back so you will be able to turn around at any point (or go further) if 15K is not in your training plan!** See our club Strava page or race registration page for the route.
We will provide post-race snacks and drinks.


Lastly, and most importantly, this will be primarily a self supported run.

Plan for a run packed with climbing on hot, exposed trails.

That means you are responsible for bringing your own hydration and nutrition for the duration of the run, plus whatever else you think you might need.


See you there and please feel free to DM us with any questions or concerns you might Have.

Bandit Aid Stations (2).jpg


  • 15K ​= Mile 4.7

  • 30K = Mile 5.5 & Mile 14.9

  • 50K = Mile 5.5 & Mile 26.9


Las Llajas

  • 30K = Mile 9.9

  • ​50K = Mile 9.9 & Mile 21.2

Tapo Canyon

  • 50K = Mile 15.5

Race Day Schedule & Details

Corriganville Park
7001 Smith Road
Simi Valley, CA 93063


  • 50K Race begins at 7:00am (bib pickup begins at 6:00am)​

  • 30K Race begins at 7:30am (bib pickup begins at 6:30am)

  • 15K Race begins at 8:00am (bib pickup begins at 7:00am

Aid Stations and Cut-Off Times:


  • Mile 5.6 - Chumash #1 - no cut-off

  • Mile 9.0 - MarrLand #1 - no cut-off

  • Mile 14.3 - Tapo - 10:30 am

  • Mile 19.5 - MarrLand #2 - 12:00pm

  • Mile 25.5 - Chumash #2 - 2:00 pm

50K, 30K and 15K runners all need to finish no later than 4:00 pm

Parking & Carpooling

Parking lot opens at 5:45am for the 50k; 6:15am for the 30k; 6:45am for the 15k.

Parking fees are included in your race entry. Due to limited space for parking, please CARPOOL with friends!


The Bandit Ultra Trail team is Excited to announce that we will be donating a portion of any proceeds to the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF)! CAF is a great organization with a cause that is close to our hearts. As parents of a special needs child, we firmly believe that athletes of all abilities should have access to equipment or needed accommodations to be able to participate and compete in athletic events along side their peers. Over the years We have been blessed with a dedicated community of people who have loved and supported our family through any challenge we have come up against and it is our privilege to be able to help other families like ours. Each Bandit runner (or hiker) is helping to contribute to accessibility for all athletes!

Please consider donating to CAF yourselves or share our page with others to sign up for Bandit Ultra Trail and help support an amazing organization.

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